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Find mission aligned creators for your campaign or cause.

We help nonprofits & impact organizations collaborate with creators to reach audiences more effectively.

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How it Works

Step 1

Outline Your Goals

We know you have a lot of great ideas but not a lot of time. Our two step process allows for you to quickly outline your campaign, goals and the communities you’re trying to reach.

Step 2

Review Your Matches

Let us work our magic and get you personalized creator matches that match your mission, vision & goals for the campaign. Learn more about their audience, issue focus and content.

Step 3

Run Your Campaign

We’ve got you covered. Run your campaign with ease on our platform by automating contracts, payments, content management – all in one place. Avoid busy-work so that you can save time and get to other things on your to-do list.


Creator Database

Get exclusive access to qualified creators in the Social Currant Database. Look through their causes, values, data and a lot more.

Campaign Tools

Run your campaign from start to finish! Our platform provides comprehensive tools for campaign creation, creator collaborations, content management, messaging briefs, and performance tracking.

Tailored Creator Matches

Leverage our expertise as we connect you with creators who align perfectly with your brand values and objectives, ensuring authentic and successful collaborations.

Expert Account Managers

Benefit from the experience of our Account Managers who’ve run hundreds of creator campaigns. Let them guide you through every step of the campaign process and help you build a strategy that will deliver results.

Ways to Apply Social Currant

Persuasion & Narrative Change

Identify creators from the communities you’re trying to reach and have them share their lived experiences around your issues to change narrative and persuade audiences.

Education & Awareness

Identify creators who go to sources of information and work with them to spread key information in rapid response moments.


Find creators good at driving their followers to take action and work with them to activate petition signatures, calls to representatives and more.

Ads & Other Comms Strategies

Identify creators who create high converting content and work with them to produce ads and other forms of creative.

Build an integrated strategy

Build an integrated communications strategy that leverages creators to create content, serve as strategic partners, talk to press and a lot more through our platform.

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