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Find mission aligned creators for your campaign or cause.

We help nonprofits, impact organizations & issue focused organizations collaborate with creators to reach audiences more effectively.

How it Works

Step 1

Outline Your Goals

We know you have a lot of great ideas but not a lot of time. Our two step process allows for you to quickly outline your campaign, goals and the communities you’re trying to reach.

Step 2

Review Your Matches

Let us work our magic! Then it’s your turn to review your personalized creator matches with information on their issue area, audience, and more.

Step 3

Run Your Campaign

We have your back! Let us make it easy for you to manage your creator campaigns with automating contracts, payments, and more all in one place. This way, you can focus on what matters most- building strong relationships with your creators.

Get Involved


Join some of the country’s largest nonprofits & impact organizations in working with Social Currant

Leverage years of expertise and an impact focused creator network.

Spend less time worrying about finding creators and more time focused on working with them

Reach a wider audience, leveraging the power of social media and influencers.


From D.C. to across the world!

We’re a creator led platform and managed service focusing on making a difference through the power of social media. Once described by the New York Times as “Only recently able to buy alcohol” This Gen Z led company is on a mission to empower young people and issues we care about.

Meet The Team

Ways to Apply Social Currant

Persuasion & Narrative Change

Identify creators from the communities you’re trying to reach and have them share their lived experiences around your issues to change narrative and persuade audiences.

Education & Awareness

Identify creators who go to sources of information and work with them to spread key information in rapid response moments.


Find creators good at driving their followers to take action and work with them to activate petition signatures, calls to representatives and more.

Ads & Other Comms Strategies

Identify creators who create high converting content and work with them to produce ads and other forms of creative.

Build an integrated strategy

Build an integrated communications strategy that leverages creators to create content, serve as strategic partners, talk to press and a lot more through our platform.

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